3 Common Threats to Your Roof’s Health

Roofs are made to be durable and resilient, and to withstand the elements. Being the frontline defense of your home, a roof is exposed to all kinds of threats. To keep your roof in optimal condition, it’s essential to know the elements that can cause damage to it.

Roof's Health

In today’s post, new construction expert Thompson Roofing and Construction lists three significant threats to your roof’s health.

1. Tree Branches

Tree branches are one of the most common causes of roof damage, especially if you live in an area surrounded by large trees. During strong storms, weak branches or those from older trees can break off and fall on your roof. The damage depends on the size and weight of the branch, as well as the speed and strength of the wind that flung it. Tree branches can knock off and sometimes even stick through shingles, so the best way to prevent roof damage is to regularly trim nearby trees.

2. Hail

Hailstorms are very destructive, as hailstones pelt your roof at high speeds. Hail can knock off shingles, dent or crack parts of your roof and siding, and cause other types of structural damage that can worsen if not quickly addressed. Moreover, hailstones can remove the protective granules on your shingles by sheer force, causing them to settle in your gutters or spread around your house. When a strong hailstorm hits your area, call professionals to have a look at your roof.

3. Moisture

Excessive moisture can be highly destructive. Moisture can cause wood rot in your rafters and other wooden parts of your roof, as well as promote the growth of mold and mildew. A good way to prevent excessive moisture from damaging your roof is to properly ventilate your attic. Good attic ventilation prevents moisture buildup and helps your roof last longer by venting out excessive heat and humidity.

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