Dustin Thompson


How We Got Started…

The company is owned and operated by Dustin Thompson, who was born and raised in Northern Alabama. His work in construction began in Auburn, where he worked on-site and learned the ropes of the industry firsthand.

It was his exposure to the key aspects of the roofing and construction business that gave Dustin a solid foundation on which to build his company. He put together a team of highly qualified industry professionals, all of whom share his vision of providing “Quality Roofing at a Price You Can Afford” to local homeowners. Today, our company services thousands of clients within a 60-mile radius of our Madison headquarters.

The Thompson Roofing Project Managers

Jonah Clem

Project Manager (Commercial)

Keith Burks

Project Manager (Re-roof)

York Smith

Project Manager (Gutter Systems)

Andre St. Pierre

Project Manager (New Construction)

Nathan Craig

Project Manager (Re-roof)

Andrew Lee

Project Manager (Repairs)

The Thompson Roofing Project Estimators

Kyle O'Toole

Commercial Project Estimator

Danny Fuller

Project Estimator

Tim Mangum

Project Estimator

Adam Lee

Project Estimator

Jackson Vaughn

Project Estimator

Keith Lewis

Commercial Project Estimator

Heath Cunningham

Project Estimator

Ryan Beaverson

Project Estimator

Jason Pope

Project Estimator

Doug Marlin

Project Estimator

Bryan Garlock

Project Estimator

Office Staff

Jonathan Winland

General Manager

Megan Lee

Front Office

Bryan Smith

Insurance/ Communications

Micah Clem

Marketing Manager