4 Benefits of Preventive Roof Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is paramount for protecting your roof. Scheduling routine professional inspections is key to delaying the aging process of your roofing system. For Thompson Roofing and Construction, here are some of its practical benefits:

  1. No Surprise Leaks

Any roof repair specialist will say that preventive maintenance is instrumental in uncovering damage early and heading off leaks. More often than not, aging roofs hide issues, which are unrecognizable to the untrained eye, especially from afar. When left undiscovered and unaddressed, they only worsen until they let the elements into your home. Before you know it, you could be experiencing water intrusion, drenching your valuables and wreaking havoc with your interior.

  1. No Unexpected Expenses

When you have an active routine maintenance plan or proactively schedule a roof checkup, you can budget for possible repairs. It will be a different story, though, when leaks strike out of the blue. Many contractors provide free inspections to help you identify issues early.

  1. No Nullified Warranties

Any experienced roofing contractor will attest that most brands void product warranties when defects are due to poor maintenance. If you routinely set up professional inspections, the manufacturer is more likely to reimburse you for the replacement material and labor costs.

  1. No Denied Claims

With most insurance policies, there’s a thin line between proper maintenance and neglect. When filing a claim for a storm-damaged roof, your insurer might deny your request if there’s a great chance you fell short of upkeep expectations. In the end, you could be left shouldering all the expenses.

Routine inspection paperwork is solid evidence that you did everything you should to keep your roofing system in prime condition. You’re more likely to receive the compensation to which you’re entitled.

Turn to Thompson Roofing and Construction for preventive roof maintenance. Whether you want to schedule an inspection for leak prevention or insurance reasons, you can count on our wealth of experience and proven expertise. Call us at (256) 251-5566 today to schedule your FREE inspection and estimate in Huntsville, AL, or any nearby areas.