4 Gutter Installation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Your gutters help protect your home from serious damage by directing rainwater away–but not when they’re already old and failing. Now is the best time to invest in gutter installation, a complicated project that will require careful planning. To ensure a smoother process, make sure to avoid some common mistakes. Thompson Roofing and Construction, your premier gutter and roofing contractor, lists some of them here.


  1. Choosing a sectional gutter system. Gutters usually come in two types–sectional and seamless. The former is the traditional option, and involves stringing separate pieces of metal with an adhesive along the home’s roofline. The latter, however, is a neater alternative. Seamless gutters use only a single, continuous piece of metal that’s built to fit your roofline perfectly. They only have seams at the corners, significantly reducing the potential for leaks. What’s more, seamless gutters are just plain better-looking because of their sleek design.
  2. Installing the gutters right at the roof’s edge. You’ll want to place your gutters a few inches under the edge of your roofing to ensure that water runs freely into the gutters and not anywhere else. It’s actually better if you also have a drip edge installed. This component catches the water flowing from the roof edge and directs it smoothly into the gutters. 
  3. Not adding a gutter cover. New gutters are good enough on their own, but you can make their performance better with a gutter protection system. This optional addition helps prevent congestion, which can hamper the way your new gutters drain rainwater. It keeps your gutters clog-free by filtering leaves and other loose debris and only allowing rainwater to enter the system. Additionally, a gutter protection system makes cleaning your gutters much easier.
  4. Taking the DIY route. Gutter installation can be difficult for the untrained homeowner. Mistakes can easily occur, causing issues in the gutters’ performance and leading to further expenses. It’s a smarter idea to hire a reliable pro like Thompson Roofing and Construction instead. Aside from roof repair, we also specialize in gutter installation. Our skilled and experienced crew can properly design, fabricate, and install your new system so that it can handle almost any amount of runoff. 

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