4 Important Things to Look For When Hiring Your Roofer

A roof replacement is one of the largest and most important investments you can make in your home, so it’s important that you choose the right roofing contractor for the job. Your contractor needs to possess certain traits and qualities to ensure a quick and successful project. Thompson Roofing and Construction explains more in this post.

  1. Insurance – Your roofing contractor needs to have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. In the event of an accident, workers compensation insurance covers the medical expenses of employees injured on your property. Liability insurance covers damage to your property. Without these two types of insurance coverage, you may end up being liable for accidents and damage to your property.
  2. Licenses – You need to check your state’s and area’s requirements for licenses. Your choice of contractor needs to have the right licenses if they are necessary. Licenses show that the contractor has the right level of knowledge to work on your project. They also allow you to research the contractor and see if they have complaints on record. Make sure to verify the roofing license information before signing any contracts.
  3. Established Reputation – It’s best to work with an experienced local contractor with a history of doing excellent work for your community. An established roofing contractor has a reputation to uphold, motivating them to do a great job on your project. Experienced contractors can also provide you with plenty of local references, so you can interview previous customers about their experience with the contractor.
  4. Great Communication Skills – Your contractor will be your partner for the duration of your roofing project. You need to work with someone who is courteous, punctual, and professional. Your contractor also needs to be available for regular meetings and consultations, and they need to keep you regularly updated on the status of your project.

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