4 Upgrades That Increase Your Home’s Value

Home improvement projects shouldn’t just contribute to functionality and aesthetics. They should also provide you with excellent returns in the long run. By making practical choices, you might get more from your investment down the road than what you’ve originally spent.

4 Upgrades That Increase Your Home’s Value

Thomas Roofing and Construction, your new construction expert, lists the four upgrades to consider:

1. Roofing Upgrade

One of the best places to start is your roof. After all, it accounts for almost half of your home’s exterior, which is why it plays a vital role both in protection and in curb appeal. If your roof is past its prime, be sure to replace it with a more durable and low-maintenance option like those from GAF. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, this project allows you to recoup up to 68.8% of your overall costs.

2. Siding Installation

Just like your roof, your siding offers a shield from inclement weather. Furthermore, it provides your home’s distinctive character. With the perfect color, texture and profile, it can achieve the visual effect for which you’re aiming. It can make your home recede or stand out from its surroundings. It can also establish a soothing or cheerful ambiance. As stated by the 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, installing new siding can give you 76.4% return on investment.

3. Home Addition

When your home’s amenities can’t accommodate your needs anymore, consider extending your space with an addition. This is the best way to realize your dream home without having to move out. The 2017 Cost vs. Value Report states that a bathroom addition can help you recoup up to 57.1% of your total costs while a family room addition may let you recoup up to 69.3%.

4. Gutter Replacement

Gutters may not seem like the most appealing home project, but they serve an important purpose. They safeguard your home’s key components, including your siding and foundation, from water damage. This ensures your home retains its beauty and value for many years to come.

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