Can Siding Replacement Help With Noise Reduction at Home?

Noise can be an unwelcome guest in any home. From the city’s busy streets to every day sounds like traffic, barking dogs, or kids playing outside, noise can interfere with your quiet time at home. Fortunately, there are solutions available for homeowners who want to reduce noise levels in their homes.

Siding Replacement

One of these solutions is a siding replacement. Read on to learn how replacing your siding can reduce noise transmission.

What Is Exterior Replacement?

Exterior replacement is the process of replacing old siding with new materials, from vinyl, brick, or stone siding to wooden boards and shingles. Replacing outdated and worn-out siding improves the look of a home and provides additional benefits, such as noise reduction.

How Can Exterior Replacement Help With Noise Reduction at Home?

Replacing existing siding in Huntsville, AL, with newer materials helps improve insulation, thus reducing the amount of external noise entering your house. This new layer in your home blocks out loud noises such as traffic, aircraft passing overhead, barking dogs, and other sounds that can be distracting to one’s rest.

Additionally, newer building siding products typically come with improved thermal properties. This maintains comfortable indoor temperatures all year without compromising air quality.

Types of Siding That Can Improve Soundproofing

To check the efficiency of the siding in suppressing noise, pay attention to its thickness and density. While there are no siding materials that will completely block the noise of your neighborhood, the following feature the best sound-blocking properties to reduce noise transmission:

  • Metal cladding panels or fiber cement boards block noise well. Both provide better acoustic performance than alternative methods.
  • Wood shakes or hard roof covering tiles can help reduce noise at an affordable cost.
  • Brick is a thick, solid material that may block out plenty of sounds. Not only that, but this material is also fireproof and durable.
  • Stucco is a cement-based siding material laid in layers and may be smooth or textured. Due to its density, it does a great job of softening external noise.
  • Vinyl siding is low-maintenance and affordable. Even if it’s lightweight, it can still reduce noise.
  • Thicker cedar or redwood siding may lessen the noise, but it is not as durable or low-maintenance as other materials.

Hiring a Reliable Contractor for Your Next Home Noise Reduction Project

When hiring contractors for any exterior replacement project, be sure they have the necessary experience and qualifications to carry out the job safely and effectively. During the consultation, ask them relevant questions about your project. This way, you will have an idea of what to expect, including the completion date and the materials they will use.

If you need a reliable contractor to help with your exterior replacement project, look no further than Thompson Roofing and Construction in Madison, AL. We have the experience and qualifications to perform the job safely and effectively. Call us today at (256) 952-3309 or fill out our contact form for a free consultation. We also assist homeowners who require repair and replacement for gutters in Huntsville, AL.