Can Siding Replacement Help With Noise Reduction?

Living beside a busy street or highway can be annoying and disruptive. The sounds outside can sometimes overwhelm your senses during certain parts of the day and affect your comfort. If you are wondering if certain home improvements could help address this issue, you might be pleased to know that a new siding could be a good investment in terms of noise reduction.

Siding Replacement

In this post, siding and gutters expert Thompson Roofing and Construction discusses how siding replacement can help lessen the noise coming from outside your home.

How Siding Helps With Noise Reduction

Siding can help with noise reduction, but it depends on the type of siding you have and its thickness. Sounds that fall within certain frequencies are better dampened by specific materials.

For sounds with frequencies below 4,000 Hz, vinyl siding is the most effective noise-dampening material. As for sounds that exceed 4,000 Hz, siding that has stone or other organic materials in its composition reduces noise better than other materials.

Aside from the material, the thickness and weight of the siding are also crucial factors in determining how much sound can be blocked. Thicker and heavier siding materials have been proven to dampen sound much better than thinner ones.

To get the best results, you may want to consider composite siding materials for your home if you live in an area with a lot of constant noise. Composite siding materials are made from different materials, usually a combination of organic materials and synthetic ones like resin or metal. These types of siding generally do a better job of reducing noise than others.

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