Closed or Open Valleys: What is the Best Choice for Your Home?

Every house is unique. You may have spent a lot of time choosing the best material for your siding, the matching color for your walls, the complementing window type and more. Now, you need to consider your roofing valleys – should they be open or closed?

What Are Closed and Open Valleys?

Before getting to the closed and open functionality, what are roof valleys? In essence, these are basically the intersection of your roof’s planes. Nowadays, closed and open valleys are the two most popular types of construction. 

A closed valley is easy to install and does not require as many materials as the open valley. Open valleys, on the other hand, need another layer of lining as well as other supplies, including shielding. 

For shingle roofing, your roofer will simply extend the asphalt shingles all the way through the valley in order to cover or “close” it. If an open valley is constructed for a shingle roof, your roofer needs to add another layer of lining and then a shield after the underlayment.

What Is Their Importance to My Roofing?

In general, if a valley is not properly sealed or protected, water can penetrate directly into your home, which can be hazardous. Many roof installers recommend the closed valley type as it offers more security and protection than the other option. However, other roofers prefer an open valley system due to its durability. If you are not sure how your roof valleys should be constructed, it is best to get in touch with your local roofing contractor.

Which Option Is Best for My Home?

As mentioned previously, it is important that your roof valleys are secure and sealed. Otherwise, if you happen to have a beautiful lawn with carefully curated flowerbeds, water from your roofing might ruin the landscaping. Worse, improperly sealed off valleys might just direct water inside your home, which can damage your wall or siding. Do not wait until you need a roof repair. Have your local roof expert check your premises.

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