Is a Sagging Roof Always Caused by Roof Damage?

A sagging roof has a curved appearance instead of an even one. Typically, this problem occurs in old or faulty roofs that have been neglected for a long time. However, roof-related damage is not always the culprit behind roof sagging. Sometimes, it is due to problems with the home’s foundation. 

Sagging Roof

In this article, trusted local roofing contractor Thompson Roofing and Construction discusses other causes of roof sagging.

Overgrown Tree Roots

If there are trees too close to your home’s foundation, your property is at risk of damage. Trees need moisture for their nutrition, so their roots spread and travel to draw moisture from underneath the foundation. If not addressed promptly, soil particles will shrink and the foundation will start to move. This movement can cause your roof to sag.

Foundation Undercut

Undercutting involves the washing away of the soil supporting the foundation. The common causes of undercutting include damaged sewer lines, flooding of the home and a body of water flowing over the soil under the foundation. To avoid more serious damage, consult a construction or roofing professional right away. 

Soil Settling

Properties that are built on shifting soil tend to move as they get older. Sometimes, differential settlement may take place, which causes the structure to settle at a variable degree. If the foundation moves unevenly in all areas, it will affect your roof. Moreover, the movement can cause the frame of your home’s structure to become distorted and the floors to become sloped.

Inadequate Drainage

Poor drainage can cause water accumulation if left unattended. Make sure your downspouts are releasing runoff into an area that is not too close to your home’s foundation. Furthermore, check if your neighbor is directing excess water onto your property and if it is affecting your foundation.

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