Metal Roofing Mistakes Commonly Done by Rookie Contractors

Metal roofs are best installed by skilled and experienced roofers. This type of roof has its own unique challenges, and sometimes rookie contractors commit errors that could affect the performance of the roof. 

Oil Canning

Described as the waviness or buckling across the flat surfaces of sheet metal panels, oil canning is often due to the under- or over-tightening of the roof fasteners. This causes the metal to stretch, pull and dimple in different directions. It can also damage the cladding, which is usually pulled down and deformed by an overtightened fastener.

Fasteners and Clips

Different things could go wrong with fasteners and clips. Inexperienced contractors could make the mistake of over-tightening, under-tightening or placing fasteners off-center. These could eventually create leaks in your metal roofing.


It’s important to seal the seams of your metal roof and to ensure that the panels are lapped correctly. Moreover, the flashing must also be properly attached and sealed in order to prevent water infiltration, which could potentially affect your roof structure. If the flashing isn’t correctly installed, a heavy windstorm could easily blow off some parts of your metal roof.


Metal roofs made of galvanized steel can get rusty over time. That’s why you should ensure a coating is applied to protect the material from water and water-borne pollutants that cause corrosion. However, a common mistake by inexperienced contractors is cutting, scruffing or scratching the metal roof during installation, leaving the metal exposed to moisture. This raises the importance of the proper handling of materials. Appropriate lifting devices should be used, and proper care should be observed to prevent dropping the metal sheet panels or scraping them against other objects.

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