Pro Talk: Answers to Some Common Roofing Questions

Hello and welcome to the Thompson Roofing and Construction blog. This blog will contain up-to-date and useful information on a variety of home improvement topics. We believe that homeowners should have all the resources they need to make well-informed decisions regarding their new construction or home renovation project.

Roofing Questions

  • How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Problems? – Roof leaks are the clearest sign that there’s a problem with your roofing system. However, you don’t need to wait for serious damage to occur. You can use a pair of binoculars from the ground to scan your roof and look for signs of deteriorated flashings, missing shingles, loose seams, and clogged gutters. You can also look indoors for signs of peeling wallpaper, water stains, and cracked paint.

  • Can I Work on My Roof Myself? – We highly discourage this because working on your roof will expose you to danger. Professionals like us undergo constant training on safely and efficiently repair and install roofing products. We also have access to safety gear. If you want to maintain your roof, you need to stick to cleaning your gutters and to conducting simple visual inspections from the ground.

  • How Long Will a New Roof Last? – Properly maintained roofs have a life span of about 20 years. However, several factors will determine the actual service life of your system. These factors include local environmental conditions, roof system design, contractor workmanship, adequate maintenance, and material quality. We can provide you with a good idea of your roof’s expected service life after our roof inspection.

Before starting your siding or roofing project, we highly recommend that you do as much research as possible. This knowledge will allow you to run a smooth, quick, and successful home improvement project. Thompson Roofing and Construction can provide you with more detailed answers to your questions during our initial consultations. Call us at (256) 345-5120 to learn more answers to frequently asked questions. You can also ask for a free roof inspection.