Questions to Ask Before Buying New Gutters

There’s much more to gutter systems than what you see while standing on the ground. If you are in the market for a replacement, you have to consider not only the price, but also the material, style and maintenance requirements. For you to make an informed decision, you need to ask questions, including the following:


Q: “What Gutter Types Are Available?”

There are two types of gutter systems that are available on the market: sectional and seamless. The former has small sections, which are fitted together to form a larger gutter section. The latter, meanwhile, consists of one continuous piece of gutter. Unlike sectional gutters, seamless gutters have fewer gaps, which means lesser chances of causing leaks.

Q: “What Gutter Shapes and Styles Are Available?”

K-style and half-round gutters are two of the most popular gutter system styles used in homes. The former is characterized by their flat bottoms and backs, with curves and ogees to make them look like they are part of a crown molding. The latter’s cross-section is a half-circle – thus the name – and is common in traditional and historic homes.

Q: “How Long Will the Job Take?”

Gutter and roofing pros can complete the job in about a day or two barring any weather or unforeseen complications. Expect them to remove the old gutters and prepare the roof’s fascia for the installation of the new one.

Q: “Is There Anything That Needs to Be Done First Before the Installation?”

The removal of the existing gutters provides pros the chance to detect any damage on the roofline and on the roof itself. The pros will perform the necessary repairs to make sure the new gutters are securely attached to the fascia.

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