Roofing Contractor vs. Handyman: Who Should You Hire?

Calling a handyman for minor repairs around the house might be a common scenario for homeowners. However, you can’t keep running to your handyman, especially when a job already requires more than a simple fix.

When it comes to roof damage specifically, it’s important to understand the importance of a professional roofer’s specialized skills and knowledge.

Contractor vs. Handyman: What’s the Difference?

Handymen are essentially jacks-of-all-trades. They’re multi-skilled so they can carry out a variety of home repairs. Oftentimes, their services are cheaper than contractors, making the former the top choice of homeowners who want to spend less.

Contractors, on the other hand, have more specialized experience; they have their particular expertise. Moreover, they need to be licensed in order to perform their job. Handymen usually aren’t licensed, and most states have regulations on the size of jobs they can take. Additionally, roofing contractors typically have insurance to protect their customers in the event of an accident during work.

When to Call a Professional Roofer

Replacing a couple of old or broken shingles may be something that you could ask a handyman to do. You could also tap them to find leaks or fix your gutters. As long as the job doesn’t require a large scope or the problem doesn’t affect your entire roofing system or other parts of your home, you can count on a handyman to help you out.

However, if you’re planning to replace the whole roof, and you want a complete tear-off, it would be best to hire a roofing contractor instead. Critical roof repairs are also best left to roofers. Tasks involving the ridge vent, roof flashing and the replacement of large sections of roof sheathing should be done by an experienced, qualified contractor.

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