Should You Replace Your Gutters When You Replace Your Roof?

Your roof will need to be replaced once it reaches the end of its serviceable life. After years of constantly being exposed to the elements, a roof will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Although it’s not required, gutters can also be replaced during roof replacement.

Replace Your Roof

In this post, Thompson Roofing and Construction shares tips to help you decide whether to replace your gutters along with your roof.

Replacing Gutters and Roof at the Same Time Is Not Always Necessary

If your current gutters are still functional and have no signs of leaks or poor performance, then you can skip installing new gutters during your roof replacement. But to be sure your gutter system is really in good shape, ask a professional to inspect it.

When Is It Ideal to Replace Your Roof and Gutters Simultaneously?

Getting new gutters along with a roof is best done if the gutter material is deteriorating. New roofs perform better with new gutters, making your home safer from the effects of heavy rainfall and preventing leaks and water damage.

Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

Even if you’re not replacing your roof anytime soon, you should know how to identify a failing gutter. Bad gutters put a home at risk and increase the chance of moisture damage. 

Here are signs of a failing gutter that you should know:

  • Sagging or loose gutters
  • Water overflowing from gutters
  • Bent or cracked gutters
  • Water leaking around gutter seams
  • Siding stains

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