Siding Terms To Keep In Mind

Siding is an important part of your home. It protects your indoor space from the elements, provides insulation and increases curb appeal. As a homeowner, knowing more about your siding can help you make better choices during your next siding replacement project.

Siding Terms

In today’s post, reputable siding and roofing contractor Thompson Roofing and Construction discusses a few siding terms that every homeowner should know.


It’s a strip of wood that seals the joints in wooden siding. “Board and batten” siding refers to the type of old wood siding that consisted of “boards” and “battens.” Battens are the smaller parts that filled the gaps between the boards. 


It refers to the bottom half of a vinyl siding panel that is fitted into a previously installed panel. This prevents the siding from shifting around.


This is a section on a piece of siding that allows for the insertion of another piece of siding or trim.


A row of siding that runs the length of an outside wall is referred to as a “course” of siding. To cover an outside wall, several courses are needed.

Drip Cap

It is a piece of trim that deflects water away from the top of the vertical siding. It’s also known as head flashing.


They refer to the portion of your roofing that extends beyond the exterior walls.


This is a term for the F-shaped molding used to trim siding that is at a 90-degree angle.


The visible portion of the siding after it has been installed.


Fascia, also known as fascia board, is a horizontal board that covers the joint or intersection of an exterior wall’s top section and the roof’s overhanging lower edge.

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