Signs of Sagging Gutters That Require Attention

Keeping your gutters in good working order eliminates moisture issues and directs rainfall away from your home. If you see that your gutters are loose, make sure to fix them right away.

Sagging Gutters

Continue reading this post by gutters and siding expert Thompson Roofing and Construction to learn why gutters come loose and what indicators to check.

Why Do Gutters Sag?

Gutters usually come loose because their construction has eroded over time, or they are supporting too much weight. Both of these things could happen at the same time, causing the gutters to loosen.

Keep in mind that having too much debris, water or ice in your gutters can lead to problems. Because the accumulation prevents water from flowing out of the gutters and downspouts, drainage issues occur. If your gutters and downspouts are blocked for an extended period, the additional weight of debris and water will cause your gutters to collapse. This could damage your gutter hangers or spikes, causing them to pull away from the gutters and come loose.

Nonetheless, remember that your gutters can also sag due to negligence or structural issues on the surfaces to which they are attached. Make sure to inspect these areas during routine maintenance.

Warning Signs To Heed

Knowing how to spot issues can help you avoid more significant problems like roof leaks, wood rot and damage to your home’s foundation.

According to gutter installation experts, checking for these symptoms of gutter degradation, especially during the rainy season, can help identify and address problems before they progress:

  • Your gutters are dripping with water
  • The gutter is noticeably drooping
  • The screws in the gutters have come free
  • Your gutters have gaps behind them
  • Lips or spouts are growing on the gutter’s side
  • Gutters are beginning to sag
  • Fascia is rotting

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