Things to Ask Yourself When Checking Your Gutters’ Condition

Like your roofing system, gutters also protect your home against water damage. Getting regular inspections from experienced professionals is essential in detecting small issues before they turn into costly repairs. Sometimes, gutter problems don’t look obvious until they have progressed. 

Gutters’ Condition

Asking yourself these questions will help you assess the condition of your gutter system and determine if it needs repair or replacement. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Do the gutter pieces have cracks, dents and other evident signs of damage?

2. Are there parts of the system that are sagging?

3. Do the gutters have detached sections or parts that are pulling away from your house? 

4. Does water often overflow from the gutters when it is raining?

5. Is there light coming through between the gutters and fascia?

6. Are there water stains on the surface of the facia?

7. Does the gutter system have clogs? 

8. Are there nails popping or sticking out of the gutter pieces?

Repair VS Replacement

A skilled gutter or roofing contractor can usually help you determine if you need new gutters or repairs are enough. Many times, pros can fix the issues and make the system work efficiently again. They can patch up small holes and cracks, tighten screws and repair and align loose brackets. 

Corroding gutters and ones with many cracks and holes would need to be replaced. Delaying a gutter replacement will only make the issue worse and make your home susceptible to water damage. You may also need new gutters if your current ones are old and starting to pull away from your home. 

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