Things to Consider When Combining Two Siding Materials

When it comes to siding replacement, many homeowners choose only one siding material, whether it’s wood, vinyl or fiber cement. While that may be enough to define the character of the home’s exterior, using more than one material can take the curb appeal to a whole new level. If done right, combining two siding materials can add more visual interest to a home’s facade.

Here are the things to consider when mixing and matching two siding materials.

Utilize Different Colors

As a general rule, a good color palette for your home’s exterior must have at least three hues that highlight the walls, roof and accents. With a siding project that involves two materials, however, never use only one color as this won’t help accentuate the distinctiveness of both. For them to stand out while maintaining a cohesive look, you can use two different shades of the same color. To emphasize contrast, use a dark- and light-colored hue.

Match Colors With the Rest of the Exterior

When choosing colors for the two siding materials, see to it that they look nice next to the rest of your home’s exterior. If you use different shades of the same color for both, make sure they create a contrast with the colors of the roof, entry door and window frames. Draw inspiration from the houses in your neighborhood if you must. The key is to be aware of the little details so you can bring harmony to your home’s facade.

Play With Textures and Profiles

The color used for the two siding materials won’t stand out without adding some texture variety. Ideally, one siding system can have a smoother finish while the other one has a more rugged look. Meanwhile, using different profiles can instantly draw the attention of anyone looking at your home’s facade. Horizontal and shake siding are commonly seen in many homes because of how these profiles mesh together.

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