Top Reasons for Installing 6-Inch Gutters

Whether you’re planning gutter installation for your home renovation or new construction, choosing the right gutter size is essential. This is because the size will significantly affect how your gutter system can protect your home from water infiltration and damage. While 5-inch gutters are a common option, your contractor may recommend 6-inch gutters for the following reasons.

Installing 6-Inch Gutters

Better Protection for Fascia Board

Using 6-inch gutters can prevent your fascia board from getting too exposed to the weather. A 6-inch gutter can cover the entire face of that fascia board, so it won’t need frequent repainting and maintenance. If the gutters are too small, the fascia would be more prone to water damage or paint peeling.

Increased Water Capacity 

You should consider this factor depending on your location and the local weather. Typically, 6-inch gutters can hold more water than 5-inch ones. So if frequent heavy rains occur in your area, 6-inch gutters are suitable for your home. They can provide better protection for your property.

Robust Appearance

Sturdy 6-inch gutters provide a strong aesthetic look to a property. The bigger the gutter is, the more robust it looks. To make your home more structurally proportioned, you can match your 6-inch gutters with wide corners, large face boards around your windows or a wide trim around your front door. 

Easy Maintenance

Wider gutters are easy to clean because they give more room for your hand to move around. When you choose 6-inch gutters, it will be easier for you to remove leaves and other debris from the gutters. Even though shingles lean over onto the gutter as much as 1.5 to 2 inches, there’s still adequate space for you to clean your gutters. 

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