Wind Damage: How Does It Occur in Your Gutters?

The wind is one of the worst enemies of residential roofing systems. It can also significantly damage your gutters. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to protect this part of your home. One of which is to hire an experienced contractor for its installation and maintenance.  

Wind Damage

Read on to find out how wind damage occurs in gutter systems. 

Your Gutters Can Pull Away From the Roof

Extreme weather events can come with high winds. If your gutters are old, improperly installed, or in bad shape, they are more likely to suffer from storm damage. Also, the construction of gutters makes them prone to catch winds at certain angles. As a result, they can start pulling away or get torn from your roof. The vertically aligned parts of your gutter system are also at risk of this issue. What your roofing contractor can do to avoid this issue is to reinforce your gutters. 

Wind-Debris Can Compromise Your Gutter System

Modern gutter materials are longer lasting and more durable, but they can only take so much. Aside from winds, debris is also something you should worry about during a severe storm. Windblown debris usually causes dents in gutters, and when heavy or strong enough, they can cause gutter pieces to fall. 

They Can Suffer From Metal Fatigue

One more kind of damage wind can do to your gutters is called metal fatigue. During storms, gutters move back and forth because of light and strong winds. The metal components of your gutter system can weaken due to this constant movement. Metal fatigue can compromise the nails and screws securing your gutters in place. When unaddressed, cracks in the metal parts of the system can spread fast. Regular inspections and maintenance can help you discover and deal with this issue in its early stages. 

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